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I'm Tania Alves

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I was raised around arts. I still have many of my first crayon works from Pre-K that my mother saved in an art book for me.  As a young teenager, I used to spend my afternoons in art workshops where I learned how to paint gesso sculptures and wood surfaces, fabrics, canvas, some needlework, music instruments and dance to occupy my free time wisely by my parent’s standards. I remember being immensely proud that my parents would use my “final projects” as house décor, and I even made my first work money by creating and painting record cover protectors for family and friends at the age of 12. Yes, I am that old, rsrs…

After I moved from Brazil to the USA in my late teen years, other than a few years of dancing, all that turned to just a good experience and a talent that needed to be dormant. I had to catch up with life as an immigrant young adult. I learned the language, got a job, got married, had children, graduated, and work the corporate world as expected. Today my children are grown and out of college, proudly living on their own and as I have more time for myself, I am finally enjoying the pleasures of painting again.

I have no other formal training in arts, and to call me an “artist” still makes me uncomfortable, but I do it for the passion of it, for the peace and balance it brings back into my life and for the possibility of creating something beautiful that I can be proud off, with no obligations other than just that. It fulfills an emptiness, an urge I had to create. I get inspiration from color combinations, by nature and by the learning process itself. When the final work is pleasing to the eye, is aesthetically correct, and beautifully finished I consider my job well done. I am taking the time to review techniques I learned a long time ago and use my experience to bring it to today’s outlook expectations.

My passion for flower themes has not died, it was the first thing I started with then, on this new re-start and it comes back in whatever technique I am working with. I love the beach…The summers at the beaches in Brazil also gave me wonderful happy memories, it is my secret hiding place to find peace ‘til this day and I portray that in my work as well, sometimes in very elusive ways. My abstract work is my fun escape, I get a kick out of people trying to “name it as they see it”, and the whole process can be hilarious with some of friends.

Most of my work is in acrylics but I classify it as mixed media because I love to use watercolors, metallic pens, silver and gold foils in my art as well, so sometimes the pictures do not do justice to the actual painting. Friends and customers are usually very surprise to find a 3D shine here and there and details that can only be appreciated  looking at it up close. I try to make each piece a conversation starter adding hidden details so you can always find a little surprise and something to admire.

I hope you like my work, that it brings you all the good vibes and happiness I intended. That it inspires you to reach in and fulfill your desires as well.

Much love,

Tania Alves


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