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Flowers and Vases was born out of inspiration from other artist’s work as I began to re- explore some old techniques; a good color pallet or a funny flower form… a method I fell in love with, and I can paint this style my whole life without getting tired. The result always surprises me and makes me smile with satisfaction. So, you can be sure to always find new work here.


Flowers in the Shoe

Five Vases

Blue Flowers in Blue Vase

Blue Flowers in Silver Paper Vase

Blue Roses in Brown Vase

Florida Swamp

Ghost Orchid

Gold Leaves in a Silver Clear Vase

Green Roses in Brown Ceramic Vase

Lemon Flowers in Round Vase

Orange Flowers in Silver Marble Vase

Orange Buds in Chinese Vase

Peach Flowers in Green Vases

Pink Flowers in Pink Vase

Pink Roses and Empty Vase

Red Flowers in Black Vase

Silver Vase by the Yellow Curtain

Two Vases at the Table

Wild Flowers by the Country House

By the Window